Review: Come Fly with Me by Beverly Delich

Come Fly with MeThe Blurb

Come Fly With Me reveals Delich’s true behind-the-scenes story of the raw beginnings of Michael Bublé’s struggles and the stepping stones that led to his ascent to the top. “From the very beginning, deep inside his heart and soul, Michael wanted the brass ring and nothing less”, says Delich. “Even facing adversity, his desire for a major label and a major management company were the objectives.”

Michael valued dearly Delich’s professionalism, her belief in him and her dedication – even referring to her as his “safety net”. That was all Delich needed to continue on her decade long journey with him.

In eight warm, engaging and honest chapters, readers will learn how difficult the journey to superstardom was with countless early rejections, many naysayers and doors to the entertainment “moguls” that appeared to be closed. But with Delich guiding the path, the doors were always “slightly ajar.” With her tenacity, encouragement and whole-hearted belief in Michael, Delich did not stop until the record label was in place and industry legend Bruce Allen agreed to manage his next leg of international superstardom.

The Review

I am conflicted about Come Fly with Me by Beverly Delich. On the one hand it is a very interesting read. On the other hand I can’t help but think that the author has used her relationship with Michael Bublé as a cash cow.

Ok so let’s look at this logically. Beverly Delich’s relationship with Michael Bublé did happen. That is not up for question. However, the first few chapters of the book have nothing at all to do with him. They are self indulgent and they seem irrelevant to what the selling point of the book is about.

Beverly Delich spends the first few chapters waxing lyrical about her life. It takes a while before the story of Michael Bublé’s meteoric rise to success even begins. To be fair, even when that does happen, the story is centred on the feelings and emotions of Beverly Delich rather than Michael Bublé. This would not be a problem if Delich hadn’t used Bublé to sell the story.

Here is where further conflict comes into play. Come Fly with Me is really well written. No one can dispute this. For me, the story was just sold in a false way. I thought I was getting a Michael Bublé story but instead I got something different.

Come Fly With Me by Beverly Delich is available now.

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