Review: A Second Chance at Paris by Cole McCade

A Second Chance at ParisThe Blurb

One week in Paris. One chance with her childhood crush. And one lie that could ruin it all.

Before she was Dr. Celeste London, Astrophysicist, she was Mary Celeste Haverford: dork, loser, the geek formerly known as Hairy Mary. But she’d left all that behind—and left Ion Blackwell behind, nothing but an unrequited crush and the memory of a high school field trip, a night in Paris, and the words Celeste had never had the courage to say. She’d never expected to see him again…until a surprise encounter on a Parisian riverboat tour brings him back into her life, and gives her the opportunity to start over as someone new. Someone Ion doesn’t recognize, transformed from a social outcast into a polished, professional woman that Ion doesn’t realize is the girl he’s been longing for since childhood, the ideal he’s dreamed of his entire life.

Suddenly this vivacious (if charmingly awkward) “new” woman is teaching him that real love is better than any dream—but Celeste is hiding more than her identity. Hiding something that makes it hard to trust her increasingly erratic behavior, and her frequent secretive phone calls. When the truth comes out, the deception could shatter them both…unless they can give each other a second chance, and take a risk on love.

The Review

A Second Chance at Paris is a cute love story. It is about socially awkward Celeste London who spent her formidable years known as “Hairy Mary” and pining over the most beautiful guy in her class. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It is this story hook that makes A Second Chance at Paris so relatable. We have all felt like that ugly duckling.

When Celeste bumps into her high school crush, Ion Blackwell, her world comes crashing around her. She recognises him instantly but he doesn’t have a clue that she is the nerdy girl from his graduating class. This is the perfect opportunity for Celeste to live out her high school dream and finally get the hunky Ion. Surely such subterfuge can only end badly.

So the truth of it is that A Second Chance at Paris is a really enjoyable read and having recently bumped into my high school crush after 16 years I felt with acute intensity the awkwardness of Celeste’s situation. Fortunately, the years since high school have been a lot kinder to me and I am no longer the walking freckles and fringe that I was then but this is what I mean. We have all crushed on someone we never quite got with and we all carry demons from high school and wish we could change things or relive them a different way and it is this very thing that makes A Second Chance at Paris a good story.

Admittedly, I found a few things very cringe-worthy and the ending really wasn’t to my personal taste but I can understand why McCade ended it in this fashion. Give it a read! If you are a lover of romance fiction then you will enjoy A Second Chance at Paris.

A Second Chance at Paris by Cole McCade is available now.

3 Stars


  1. Vishy
    24th February 2016 / 10:00 am

    Nice review! Looks like someone is reading lots of books set in Paris 🙂

    • 24th February 2016 / 6:50 pm

      I think I’m trying to bring France to me. I would love to go back (I’ve visited three times) but alas I don’t have the money! Booo x x

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