Title: Rooftoppers

Author: Katherine Rundell

Pages: 278 Pages

Publisher: Faber & Faber

The Blurb

Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, and shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal.

Already being proclaimed a classic in children’s literature and compared to the likes of Roald Dahl and Eva Ibbotson, Katherine Rundell’s Rooftoppers merges fantasy and historical fiction with sophisticated lyrical prose and vivid imagery that will delight middle grade readers, tweens, teens, and parents and teachers alike.

Join plucky heroine Sophie, her eccentric guardian Charles, and her intrepid orphan allies on the rooftops of Victorian Paris, as they encounter suspense and adventure that will keep kids of all ages on the edge of their seats right to the heartwarming end.

My mother is still alive, and she is going to come for me one day.

Everyone thinks that Sophie is an orphan. Found floating in a cello case and swaddled in a Beethoven score, she is the only recorded female survivor of a shipwreck on the English Channel. But Sophie remembers seeing her mother wave for help…

Charles, a fellow survivor and an eccentric scholar, finds Sophie and brings her home to his London bachelor flat. Raised in a quirky home filled with music, words and love (though questionable diet), Sophie grows into a free-spirited tomboy with a taste for Shakespeare and the unshakeable belief that anything is possible. And you should never ignore a possible.

So when the child welfare agency in its bureaucratic wisdom threatens to send Sophie to an orphanage, the optimistic girl and her odd guardian flee to Paris on a quest to find her mother, starting with the only clue she has – the address of the cello maker.

Secured in an attic to evade the French authorities, Sophie escapes through the skylight and meets Matteo and his network of rooftoppers – homeless urchins who tightrope walk above the busy streets below, dining on pigeons and snails alongside the gargoyles and bell tower of Notre Dame. Together they set out on an unimaginable adventure, scouring the city for Sophie’s mother before she is caught and sent back to London – and most importantly, before she loses hope.

Readers who enjoyed the Lemony Snicket books, Ellen Potter’s The Kneebone Boy, Cornelia Funke’s The Thief Lord, and Sally Gardner’s I, Coriander will want to put Rooftoppers on their “Must Read” list.


The Review

Rooftoppers is an absolute dream of a story.

I work in a high school and I have been challenged with getting a group of reluctant readers to start to enjoy reading so I chose Rooftoppers. Having not read the book before you may be wondering why I chose this book. Was it the plethora of excellent reviews that it has received over the years? No. Was it the cover? Pretty as it the cover is, no. The fact is that I chose it because we have several copies in the school library and I have a limited budget.

I was incredibly lucky though because Rooftoppers is a magical story of unlikely friendship, parental love and how it is possible to choose your family.

Sophie is a heroine to fall in love with. She is fearless and feisty and everything a young girl should be. Her guardian, Charles is quirky and memorable. And the cast of characters that she meets along the way are brilliant.

I am so glad that I chose this book for my readers!

Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell is available now.

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Paris JulietteTitle: Confessions of a City Girl: Paris (A Confessions Novella)

Author: Juliette Sobanet

Pages: 49 Pages

Publisher: Saint Germain Press

The Blurb

From bestselling author Juliette Sobanet, a charming and poignant short story that will take you on a heartwarming journey through the City of Light…

Overworked talk show assistant Olivia Banks sets off on a one-day adventure in Paris to fulfill the dreams she and her sister once had as little girls, and ends up finding herself…and love…along the way.

The Review

In the fourth novella in the Confessions series, author Juliette Sobanet introduces her readers to Olivia. Olivia works hard and plays very little. We first see her emptying out her childhood home. She is desperate to tick selling the property off her list so she can get back to her busy life back in New York. However, it is with the discovery of an old diary that sparks a life changing adventure that finds Olivia travelling to Paris for just one day.

One day in Paris? Surely that isn’t enough time to fall in love but that is exactly what happens. Olivia falls in love with the most beautiful city in the world.

I’ve loved the Confessions series and I will forever sing the praises of Juliette Sobanet. She has the ability to transport me to a different place and yet feel totally at home there and it is no different with Confessions of a City Girl: Paris.

Confessions of a City Girl: Paris is short but sweet. It is what I like to think of as a commute story; one to read on your way to work. However, if you don’t work too far away you could get so engrossed that you miss your stop. You have been warned.

Confessions of a City Girl: Paris (A Confessions Novella) by Juliette Sobanet is available now.

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4 Stars

Hi Folks,

On Tuesday, I will be taking part in Sue Watson’s We’ll Always Have Paris Blog Tour. It is a wonderful book and I hope you all get a chance to a) read my review and b) check out the book yourselves because it is beautiful.

Make sure that you check out the other blogs on this tour!

Have a great week 🙂

Lisa x

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Paris Mon AmourTitle: Paris Mon Amour

Author: Isabelle Costello

Pages: 261 Pages

Publisher: Canelo

The Blurb

The first time I caused terrible harm to the people I love it was an accident. The second is the reason I’m here.

When Alexandra discovers that her husband Philippe is having an affair, she can’t believe he’d risk losing the love that has transformed both their lives.

Still in shock, Alexandra finds herself powerfully attracted to a much younger man. Jean-Luc Malavoine is twenty-three, intense and magnetic. He’s also the son of Philippe’s best friend.

With every increasingly passionate liaison, Alexandra is pulled deeper into a situation that threatens everyone she holds dear.

Beautifully told through the boulevards and arrondissements of the City of Light, Paris Mon Amour is a sensual novel about inescapable desire and devastating betrayals. It is the story of one woman and two men, and what happens when there is no way out.

‘A truly emotional ride. A story of lust, love and loss with a beautifully described Paris as its backdrop. I galloped through it in a couple of days’ Claire Fuller, author of Our Endless Numbered Days

Isabel Costello is the host of the Literary Sofa blog, which features authors from new talent to New York Times bestselling novelists. Guest writers on the blog have included Patrick Gale, Linda Grant, Tracy Chevalier and Karen Joy Fowler. She read Modern Languages (French and German) at Oxford, before pursuing a career in marketing and communications. She is now a full-time writer, and lives in London.

The Review

It was my love of Paris that made me request Paris Mon Amour. As a self-confessed Francophile, I love France – Paris, in particular – and therefore make the rather foolish assumption that I will love anything to do with France. That isn’t always the case.

I didn’t love Paris Mon Amour. I found that the story was too slow paced for me. However, I did appreciate it for what it is – a story about the dysfunctional lives of people; about how people act and behave on impulse often to detrimental consequences.

The central storyline of infidelity was really well told. Alexandra’s extra-marital affair sizzled with passion and I think Costello accurately described what an affair would be like – the drama and the secrecy. It is what I imagine that situation to feel like. Costello managed to present this affair whilst maintaining the likeability of her protagonist.

More than anything, we feel for Alexandra – her marriage has lost its sparkle and passion and whilst that doesn’t justify her actions we can see why this may have influenced her decision to cheat on her husband.

Overall, Paris Mon Amour wasn’t for me but that is not to say that it isn’t well written. It is, I just couldn’t identify with Alexandra. Whilst I felt sympathy for her I didn’t empathise with he and for me, that fact kept me at a distance rather than feeling completely immersed in the novel.

Paris Mon Amour is a book about love, lust, infidelity and deception among many other things.

Paris Mon Amour by Isabel Costello is available from July 1st 2016.

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3 Stars

After reading The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell I thought that it was about time that I created one of my own. I realised that there wasn’t anything pressing that I wanted to do and that got me a bit worried. If you don’t want for anything you can get a bit bored and stagnant. Idle hands and all that jazz. So I have decided to create a bucket list. After pondering this for a few days I realised there are a few things that I want to do. So here is my list.

  • Learn how to play the piano – I had some lessons a few years back but due to reasons that I would rather not go into those lessons had to cease. This was after spending £500 on an electronic piano – not a keyboard, a full size 88 key piano. Admittedly, it has sat stagnant for a good few years. I want to become proficient in piano playing. Not to expert level but good enough to justify this purchase.
  • Learn how to play the ukulele – I like music and I love ukulele music. It is hard to feel melancholy when a song is played by the ukulele. Again, I have this instrument I just do not know how to play it…yet.
  • Learn sign language – are you sensing a theme? I like learning things and I have always wanted to learn sign language. I think the root of the desire to learn the last three things is because I was deaf as a child. I think this has had an impact on my love of music and also my want to be able to communicate with people who are hearing impaired.
  • Keep learning French – a few years ago I re-sat my GCSE in French and I received an A* for my efforts but I haven’t advanced much past this level. I want t be fluent.
  • Go to Paris – This one goes hand in hand with the previous desire. I love Paris. I love the feelings that it invokes and I will spend time there. I will buy books from Shakespeare and Co. I will eat delicious pastries in Montmartre. I will go there.
  • Clear my NetGalley review pile – I made the classic mistake when I signed up for NetGalley and I went on a mad clicking spree and then I realised that I had a million books to review. I will get it finished.
  • Own a kitten – I want a kitten.

So yes, there is my Bucket List. I would love to know what things are on yours so let me know in the comments below.