Review: The Truth about French Women by Marie Morgane le Moel

The Truth About French WomenThe Blurb

The Truth About French Women shows us that French women really are fascinating, but not for the reasons you think. French women have a mystique about them. They have, throughout the ages, been considered by some as a species apart – apparently flawless women, for whom sex and sensuality are central to their identity.

But are French women really a model of elegance, always perfectly dressed with designer clothes as the stereotype would have us believe? Are they all intellectual, classy creatures with a perfect waistline, even if they eat croissants au beurre all day long? Are they all sexually liberated, wearing kinky lingerie and bedding other women’s husbands (seducing them with a bottle of champagne kept near the bed, of course)?

The Truth About French Women focuses on who French women really are, and why they’re more interesting than the clichés. It calls on women throughout French history who have defied societal norms and created their own destiny. French women who include heroines such as Jeanne d’Arc, the teenage girl who led the French army to success; the legendary sans culottes, who were instrumental during the French Revolution and Coco Chanel, who not only built a fashion empire, but also liberated women from the constraints of the corset, allowing an unprecedented amount of physical freedom for the fairer sex. It’s also a study into the realities of everyday life for the contemporary French woman, and how she interprets love, art and politics.

The Review

I don’t really know what I was expecting with The Truth about French Women. What I got was a really interesting book about: French women, French history and a dollop of feminism.

The Truth about French Women by Marie Morgane Le Moel is a really interesting read. I learnt a lot about subjects of which I had no previous knowledge. I was presented with French women that shaped the state of a country, the economy, philosophy, and teachings. It was truly fascinating.

I did feel that the feminist angle was, at times, lost among the historical content. I also felt that the author sometimes encouraged the homogenous beliefs about French women rather than subverting the often negative opinions. I don’t know if this was intentional but I can’t fathom for the life of me why Marie Morgane Le Moel would do such a thing.

Either way, this The Truth about French Women is truly fascinating and extremely well written.

The Truth about French Women by Marie Morgane Le Moel is available now.

4 Stars

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