Review: The Jackie Chan Fan Club by Sharon Sant

Title: The Jackie Chan Fan Club

Author: Sharon Sant

Pages: 77 pages

The Review

So, as far as short stories go, The Jackie Chan Fan Club wasn’t the best. It was by no means the worst but it failed to amuse and entertain me as much as I wanted it to.

At only 77 pages long I should have had this finished n a little over an hour but instead I put the book down and refused to pick it up again. It actually took me three days to finish (granted, I was away on a mini-break but I still should have managed to finish it on the journey).

The story is a classic girl meets boy set up and is sweet in parts and if I have to stretch my praise I would have to say that the setting was unique but I have read a million girl meets boy story that have kept me gripped. I’m afraid to say that The Jackie Chan Fan Club just didn’t do it for me.

The Jackie Chan Fan Club by Sharon Sant is available now.

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