Review: School Ties by Emma Lee-Potter

Title: School Ties

Author: Emma Lee-Potter

Pages: 67 Pages

The Blurb

Downthorpe Hall. A posh boarding school in the Home Counties. Will Hughes has been installed as the new headmaster – fresh from working in an inner-city Comprehensive.

Will knows there will be challenges ahead. Difficult parents, rebellious teenagers, and jealous teachers who will fight his attempts to reform the school.

What he didn’t expect was a battle for his heart.

But when he meets the fiercely ambitious deputy head Grace Foley, and the brilliantly smart science teacher Henry Mead, Will realises that the ties at Downthorpe are not just the kind you wear around your neck.

What follows is a tangle of competing ambitions and desires that will leave Will bemused – and may force him to choose between the job he has always wanted and the woman of his dreams.

School Ties is a sparkling romantic comedy that takes the reader inside the cloistered, elite world of a top public school. It introduces a brilliant cast of characters that will entrance and entertain the reader.

The Review

School Ties is a lovely short set in a boarding school. It centres on Will, a new head teacher and his relationships with his colleagues and the students.

I’m not really going to go into the plot that much because it will reveal far too much. However, I will say that this book was the tonic that I needed. I had just finished reading two really heavy books and I needed something light and uncomplicated and I received that from School Ties.

That is not to say that it is devoid of drama because it really isn’t. It is actually a very accurate representation of the dynamics of a school (believe me, I work in one) and is really engaging. Emma Lee-Potter has packed a really great story into just 67 pages.

If you a looking for a little comic relief from a really dark read then School Ties is the perfect pick me up.

School Ties by Emma Lee-Potter is available now.

School Ties

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