Review: The Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched by Sophie Hart

The Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched by Sophie Hart

The Blurb

Rule number one: Keep calm and marry on…

When new mum and events planner Julia Crawford is given the opportunity to plan three weddings, she jumps at the chance. What could possibly go wrong? …

Forget bridezilla, Aimee’s future mother-in-law is the stuff of nightmares – hell bent on taking over the wedding entirely. Worse still, her fiancé, Jon, seems oblivious. Aimee’s starting to wonder if she and her groom-to-be are right for each other after all…

Body shy Debbie is on a mission. She’s determined to shed a lot of pounds before the big day. As the wedding inches closer, will the new Debbie lose sight of what’s really important?

Gill loves Mike and their blended family of five kids to bits, but with a house full of teenage hormones and her eldest, Kelly, struggling with so much change, Gill is feeling the pressure…

As the women bond over cake and a cuppa, can they each resolve their wedding woes before the big day?

An uplifting, warm-hearted read packed with love, laughter and friendship. If you’re a fan of Jill Mansell, Milly Johnson or Lucy Diamond you’re in for a real treat.

The Review

Sophie Hart first came to my attention when I read her debut novel – The Naughty Girl’s Book Club; I loved it, my mum loved it, her friends loved it and so on and whilst I am aware that Sophie Hart has since released another novel and a novella I have been a bad fan and not read them yet. However, I have just read her latest offering, The Girls Guide to Getting Hitched and I was reminded of the reasons why I loved her writing. She can write a damn good story.

Admittedly, when I told my boyfriend I was reading this book he broke out into a cold sweat; to be frank, he is a bit of a flight risk and was worried that it was a wedding manual. The evil part of me wants to keep reading books about weddings to freak him out a bit more but then if we broke up then it would kind of be my own fault. Anyway, I digress.

The thing I loved about The Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched (and incidentally The Naughty Girl’s Book Club) is that Sophie Hart is so talented at creating believable friendship groups. I loved how the characters came together so seamlessly; the storyline didn’t seem contrived and they were all dealing with the real world problem of planning a wedding.

My heart ached for Debbie and her weight issues, I wanted to scream at Aimee that she was better than the way she was being treated by the mother-in-law from hell, I wanted to bang Julie and Nick’s heads together and make them talk out their issues and I just wanted to hug Gill and tell her that she was doing a good job with her family. To be succinct, I fell in love with Hart’s characters.

And with the risk of sounding completely cheesy (ah what the heck, who doesn’t love a bit of cheese) Sophie Hart has managed to pack her novel The Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched with a lot of heart.

The Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched by Sophie Hart is available.

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The Girls Guide to Getting Hitched

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