Review: Love Notes for Freddie by Eva Rice

The Blurb

Marnie FitzPatrick longs for nothing more than a high mark in her latest maths exam. Unsure of herself, and even more uncertain of her place within her charming but dysfunctional family, Marnie doesn’t count on being expelled from school, or on falling in love with a boy called Freddie Friday who works in the Shredded Wheat factory but dances like Gene Kelly.

Marnie’s maths teacher, Miss Crewe, has vowed that she will never love or dance again after breaking her heart and both her ankles in New York twenty years before. Yet she is drawn to Freddie, and a desire to help him takes her deep into a past that she has hidden so carefully for so long.

The Review

Love Notes for Freddie is a rich, heart warming tale about love and loss. Marnie FitzPatrick is schoolgirl from a well to do family. In a moment of madness Marnie acts out of character and gets herself in trouble. Her life is changed forever and her actions lead to devastating consequences.

Marnie’s maths teacher, Miss Crewe, is upset that her most promising student has let her down. She is disappointed in Marnie and tries to encourage her to keep working towards her goals and ambitions. Miss Crewe knows all too well that never achieving your true potential or reaching your goal can leave you with a life of heartbreak and regret.

Freddie Friday, a factory worker, brings the two women together with a common goal. It is up to all characters to work hard and see if they can ever be truly successful.

I love Eva Rice’s books. The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp has been a firm favourite of mine since it was released. It was for this reason alone that I was eager and excited to read Rice’s latest offering – Love Notes for Freddie. Once again, Eva Rice did not disappoint.

I loved the parallels between Marnie and Miss Crewe. They both loved Freddie in very different ways and for very different reasons but you felt that the love was powerful in them both. They both saw the logic side of things and had a mathematical way of understanding and dealing with life until Freddie came into their respective worlds.

My favourite thing about Eva Rice as an author is how she blends reality, real world people and events, within her narrative. She never sounds clichéd when she describes the era she is writing about which I think is definitely a massive skill that Rice possesses.

Much like her previous novels, Love Notes for Freddie is a triumph.

Love Notes to Freddie by Eva Rice is available now.

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Love Notes for Freddie

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