Review: The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey

The Review

The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey is about teenager Sarah Shaw and how she manages to ruin her life in one week. That seems a fairly simple explanation but to be honest I couldn’t even begin to describe the intricacies of this story. It is too complex and not in a good way.

The book felt very contrived. It has been written with the intent to be as controversial as possible. It includes knife fights, family communes, teenage prostitution, juvenile delinquency, masturbation, drugs and attempted murder. Ok, a lot of books have these issues in them. My problem is that it all comes out of nowhere. There is no plausible reason why Sarah Shaw suddenly starts acting in the way she does. There is no build up to it. It just seems to happen rather instantly.

As a reader, I don’t need all the answers however The Torn Skirt has ambiguous an implausible roots that I just couldn’t understand or like it. This is one that I wish I had left at the very bottom of my TBR pile.

The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey is available now.



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