Review: In a New York Minute by Claudia Carroll

Title: In a New York Minute

Author: Claudia Carroll

Pages: 23 Pages

The Blurb

Love isn’t always like it is in the movies … or is it?

Amy has moved to the city that never sleeps, and now she’s looking for love.

But after a string of dating disasters it seems that finding Mr. Right isn’t quite as easy as Amy first thought.

Following in the footsteps of her favourite New York movies Amy is determined to have that romantic Manhattan moment. But like all good romances – love often turns up in the most unexpected of places…

A heart-warming, 23 page short story from best-selling author, Claudia Carroll, this is the perfect read for Valentine’s Day.

The Review

It is strange that New York (along with a few other cities) has been romanticised by the media. Movies, songs and books all sell it as the most romantic city in the world. New York is the setting for the Claudia Carroll short In a New York Minute.

Thirty-something Amy has wangled a job transfer for one year to the most exciting city in the world and she is determined to make that year count. Amy plans to do this by falling in love. She decides to date a number of men in specific, famous locations around the city. However, like all bourgeoning love stories, Amy’s dates don’t seem to go to plan.

In a New York Minute is a simple classic fairy tale love story about finding Mr Right in the right place at the right time. There is nothing more to it really. The story is too short for you to really fall in love with the hero or bond with the heroine. It just leaves you with a feeling of indifference.

This story is nice. That is it. It won’t change your life; it probably won’t even change your day but it is nice.

In a New York Minute by Claudia Carroll is available now.

In a New York Minute

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