Review: The Broken Heart Diet by Tom Formaro


Dante Palermo has it all planned out. He plans on opening his own restaurant and proposing to his girlfriend, Abby. However, when Abby breaks up with him and leaves him broken hearted Dante doesn’t think his life could get any worse until he finds out that his soon to be business partner has left the country under suspicion of fraud.

Dante is at the end of his tether. He doesn’t know what to do. It takes some mysterious visits from his dead grandmother to remind Dante to let his food do the healing.


The Broken Hearted Diet is a wonderfully light read. It is a light romance which has you rooting for the characters from beginning to end.

Formaro has cashed in on the whole “celebrity chef” culture that we have at present. He does it so well and I will admit I did find myself salivating over some of the Italian dishes described so high praise has to be dished out (ahem) to Formaro for that. Dante is so likable and even though a series of bad things befall him and his path in life he is not whiney or annoying or hapless. He is what you want in a hero.

One thing that I did find a bit jarring was the weird intrusive narrative. At times the narrator’s opinion or snarky comment would be present. It didn’t disrupt the flow and it wasn’t a huge issue for me when I was reading however, I feel that at times it was hard to differentiate the narrator’s thoughts and feelings from the protagonists. It might have worked better if the story was told in the first person rather than the third.

Overall, The Broken Hearted Diet is a good story. It has funny, heart-warming moments and a cast of relatable characters. You relate to Dante and you want to see him succeed. Formaro has created a believable world with real problems and you can’t help but enjoy his story telling.

The Broken Hearted Diet by Tom Formaro is available now.

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Broken Heart Diet

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