SSS Review: The Last Virgin Alive by Stephanie Crosby

Title: The Last Virgin Alive

Author: Stephanie Crosby

Pages: 116 pages


College student Symphony has left her home town of Virginia to make a new life for herself in Chicago away from the demons of her teen years. Her plan for this year is to pop her cherry; but is she really ready for such a massive decision?


I always feel bad when I have to write that I didn’t like a book; someone’s hard work and effort has gone into creating a book and therefore I feel bad for judging it. However, in the case of The Last Virgin Alive I have no compunction in telling it like it is. This book is awful.

Firstly, let’s look at it purely from a grammatical sense. Punctuation was flying about willy-nilly and incorrect spelling littered the pages. Secondly, entire phrases were repeated in the narrative descriptions of characters, not just a little phrase but a whole paragraph. That is either lazy writing or lazy editing. Thirdly, the narrative to dialogue ratio is unbelievably unbalanced. You are constantly struggling to guess who is talking. As a reader, I shouldn’t have to work that hard.

The storyline actually had a lot of potential to work as a young adult thriller but the execution was poor. In part, the fault of this lies in the characters. Our protagonist, Symphony, is difficult to like. She is whiney and needy and a little unhinged. Partnered with new boyfriend Adam – who causes arguments over completely random things – the relationship fails as fast as the thin plot does.

Normally when I write a review of a book that I do not like I encourage others to read it and make their own decision. In the case of The Last Virgin Alive I make no such recommendation, save your time and money. This book just isn’t worth it.

The Last Virgin Alive by Stephanie Crosby is available now.

The Last Virgin Alive

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