My Weekly TBR Pile: 22.12.14 – 28.12.14

Hey book bloglets,

How are you all doing? I am well, thanks for asking.

Now, I know that we are all waiting eagerly for Father Christmas to deliver us some books for Christmas and that we have a reduced reading week ahead of us but I still wanted to share my TBR Pile with you all.

This last week has been a really big week of reviews for me. The reviews that I have uploaded are as follows:

Hazel by Julie Hearn

Online Girl by Zoe Sugg (also check out the reblog of Clare from A Book and Tea’s review)

This is Your Afterlife by Vanessa Barneveld

Strange Girls and Ordinary Women by Morgan McCarthy

A New York Christmas by Melissa Hill

Maggie Does Meribel by Nicola Doherty

So I have had a fair amount of reviews done.

I have a few set for this week including:

Trouble by Non Pratt

Ticker by Lisa Mantchev

A Christmas Feast and Other Stories by Katie Fforde

Obviously I won’t be posting a review on Christmas Day because I will be too busy fighting over who gets the last chipolata (of course it will be me).

Now that I am off work I plan to read myself silly but I do have a few blogs coming up before the new year so please check back for them…you know if you want to.

Merry Christmas and don’t forget to eat yourselves silly.

L x

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