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With £50,000 at stake, Zoe and Greg Milton enter a competition that will change their lives forever. However, the chance to win comes at a cost – that cost is their dignity. The Milton’s have entered Fat Chance, a contest hosted by their local radio station which has the couple pitted against other overweight twosomes all in hope of winning the grand prize. How far will Zoe and Greg go to win?


Nick Spalding never fails to entertain me. His books have the uncanny knack of making you realise just how funny and ridiculous real life situations can be. With his latest literary offering, Fat Chance, we can see that he is just as on form as ever.

The issue of being overweight is one that we don’t like to talk about. People who are skinny can’t know and will never know just how horrible it is to be overweight. Unless you have experienced it yourself, you just do not know. For the sake of total disclosure I, myself, lost two and half stone a few years back and I can vouch for the wonderful new world that being skinny opens up for you. However, I do not belong to the Kate Moss school of thought that nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels – Ms Moss clearly hasn’t eaten my cheesy pasta bake!

In writing it is hard to get that balance right. The balance of not sounding condescending or sounding like you pity the larger person or like a know it all that offers unhelpful and downright annoying advice. Fortunately, Spalding’s approach to the subject is one of empathy without making you feel belittled.

Don’t get me wrong, the one thing that Spalding excels in is making you feel shame. Every embarrassing event his characters go through, you equally feel. There were moments that I had to put down the book because I was too mortified to read on but that is actually the reason that I love his books. He can make me cringe with just a paragraph. For that I salute you Nick Spalding!

This book has the potential to entertain a wide berth of readers, from the skinnymalinks to the tubbos, the chubbychasers to the flabulous ones. If you are larger than a size 6 you will appreciate the things that Greg and Zoe; if you are one of those blessed with a brilliant metabolism then maybe it will make you think twice before you judge those who are larger.

Fat Chance by Nick Spalding is available now.

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Fat Chance

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    • 20th October 2014 / 4:59 pm

      It is really good isn’t it. I like his writing style. He always manages to make me giggle x

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