SSS Review: The Snow Globe by Kristen Harmel

Title: The Snow Globe

Author: Kristin Harmel

Pages: 16 pages


On the eve of his 16th birthday, our unnamed protagonist falls in love with a girl called Rose. Their love story unfurls in Nazi occupied Paris and when the couple are torn apart by war their love for ech other keeps the hope of reunion alive.


I read this short story because I just needed to pick one for Short Story Saturday. Little did I know the magic that was contained within the sixteen pages. I did not know how much In would fall in love with the characters.

As you are aware, I am not a fan of the short story because I hate the unsatisfying feeling of being left wanting more. With The Snow Globe, Kristin Harmel managed to pull that feeling from me. – boo hiss but bravo too. I was screaming at my Kindle when it came to an end. Nope. I needed more. I needed to know what happened! Fortunately, the short story was really just a precursor to a novel…which I have now had to purchase.

I thoroughly recommend this short story. I know I have just gone on about how frustrating it is but equally, it is stunning. The innocence of young love against the backdrop of war is such a powerful juxtaposition. You couldn’t help but want to read on, read more.

It is a beautiful story and I cannot wait to read more.

Read this short story, read it now.

The Snow Globe by Kristin Harmel is available now.


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