Napping CupThere are very few things in this world that I would stand up and confidently say that I am good at. This is for many reasons. One, I am not a boastful person and two because…well because there really aren’t that many things that I would say I am an expert in.

I’m pretty good when it comes to English Literature. I know my stuff when analysing a text.

I am boss at reading. I know this kind of ties in with my last statement but it is true all the same.

The thing in which I excel the most though is napping.

I am an excellent napper.

I can fall asleep anytime or place. I fall asleep when I travel – I’ve slept on most modes of transport: car, bus, train, boat and plane.

I once fell asleep in a busy noisy theatre. Embarrassingly, I woke myself up by snoring – something I am convinced that I don’t do but my boyfriend tells me I am wrong and that I do. I prefer to think of it as breathing with enthusiasm.

I can also nap up to 3 times a day (If people will let me). I think in a past life I may have been a koala.

I have retained my amateur status so I can nap in the Olympics.

All joking aside, I nap because of the fatigue. At the moment, I feel that napping and cups of tea are the only thing that helps. Obviously not at the same time…that would be ridiculous.

Any tips on getting more energy would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll read them after my nap…

L x