Review: Periods Gone Public by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Title: Periods Gone Public – Taking a Stand For Menstrual Equality

Author: Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Pages: 328 Pages

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

The Blurb

The first book to explore menstruation in the current cultural and political landscape and to investigate the new wave of period activism taking the world by storm.

After centuries of being shrouded in taboo and superstition, periods have gone mainstream. Seemingly overnight, a new, high-profile movement has emerged—one dedicated to bold activism, creative product innovation, and smart policy advocacy—to address the centrality of menstruation in relation to core issues of gender equality and equity. 

In Periods Gone Public, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf—the woman Bustle dubbed one of the nation’s “badass menstrual activists”—explores why periods have become a prominent political cause. From eliminating the tampon tax, to enacting new laws ensuring access to affordable, safe products, menstruation is no longer something to whisper about. Weiss-Wolf shares her firsthand account in the fight for “period equity” and introduces readers to the leaders, pioneers, and everyday people who are making change happen. From societal attitudes of periods throughout history—in the United States and around the world—to grassroots activism and product innovation, Weiss-Wolf challenges readers to face stigma head-on and elevate an agenda that recognizes both the power—and the absolute normalcy—of menstruation.

The Review

I am privileged. Okay, I am from a working class family and town but I am aware enough to know how privileged I am. On a very base level I know this because I can afford basic hygiene products for when I have my period and have been able to afford them since I started getting my period.

Periods Gone Public is a carrion call for all of us who are in that position of privilege to realise and then help those who are not in that same position. Those who are poor, those who are contending with cultural misunderstanding of periods or those who aren’t free to access this care.

As much as I know I am in a position of privilege I wasn’t aware just how bad the disparity is. Periods Gone Public highlighted just how much having a period is a social and economical issue. How it affects those in schools, in the workplace and in prison. It was a real eye opener.

This book poses some great ideas and solutions to how we can be a more equitable society when it comes to periods and I think parts of it should be taught in schools.

Periods Gone Public – Taking a Stand For Menstrual Equality by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf is available now.

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