Review: Seven Exes by Lucy Vine

Title: Seven Exes

Author: Lucy Vine

Pages: 432 Pages

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

The Blurb

Esther is out with her two friends, bemoaning her lack of relationship, when she finds a magazine from the noughties. Seeking comfort – and a laugh – she turns to the dating advice only to find an article that feels a little too close to home. According to the journalist, there are seven people a woman will date before finding the one: 

The First Love, The Work Mistake, The Friend with Benefits, The Overlap, The Missed Chance, The Bastard and The Serious One.  

Her friends laugh but Esther realises each of her exes fits these roles perfectly. Deciding that she’s mistaken her true love in the reject pile she decides to contact each of her exes to find out which is the one that got away… 

The Review

After a few intense weeks, I needed to read something that was light-hearted, fun and would make me giggle and oh boy did I get that with Seven Exes.

The story centres around Esther and her desire to finally get into a committed relationship. After reading an article in an old edition of Cosmo, she applies the logic to her own life and starts pursuing her exes to find which one was actually the one.

Hilarity ensues.

I really liked Seven Exes. The mix of comedic moments with dramatic storylines kept me hooked and I also kept voicing my opinion on which ex I wanted Esther to get with.

Seven Exes is a story that will make you look at your own exes with nostalgia and relief. A great read for the summer.

Seven Exes by Lucy Vine is available now.

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