Review: Cat Lady by Dawn O’Porter

Title: Cat Lady

Author: Dawn O’Porter

Pages: 400 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins UK

The Blurb

CAT LADY [n.] 

Single, independent, crazy, aloof, on-the-shelf, lives alone . . . 

It’s safer for Mia to play the part that people expect. She’s a good wife to her husband Tristan, a doting stepmother, she slips on her suit for work each morning like a new skin.

But beneath the surface, there’s another woman just clawing to get out . . .

When a shocking event shatters the conventional life she’s been so careful to build, Mia is faced with a choice. Does she live for a society that’s all too quick to judge, or does she live for herself?

And if that’s as an independent woman with a cat, then the world better get ready . . .

Fresh, funny and for anyone who’s ever felt astray, CAT LADY will help you belong – because a woman always lands on her feet.

The Review

Hehehehehe. Good god I love Dawn O’Porter. Granted, I would read this woman’s shopping list because I love her that much but it helps that her work so just so damn funny.

Mia is a quirky individual. Married and a stepmother, she is also a cat mum and she bloody loves her fur baby. However, people seem to be offput by her behaviour and she seems to be a bit of a fish out of water. The only place she finds comfort is a pet bereavement group she attends…the only problem is that her cat is very much still alive.

In Cat Lady we see her try to navigate the confusing and complex world.

Cat Lady is laugh out loud funny and if you have liked her other work then you will love this.

Cat Lady by Dawn O’Porter is available now.

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