Review: Cult Classics by Sloane Crosley

Title: Cult Classics

Author: Sloane Crosley

Pages: 304 Pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

The Blurb

One night in New York City’s Chinatown, Lola is at a dinner with former colleagues when she excuses herself to buy a pack of cigarettes. On her way back, she runs into a former boyfriend. The next night, she runs into another ex. And then… another. The city has become awash with ghosts of heartbreaks past.

What might have passed for coincidence becomes something far stranger when the recently engaged Lola must contend not only with the viability of her current relationship, but the fact that her best friend and her former boss – a magazine editor turned mystical guru – might have an unhealthy investment in its outcome. As memories of the past swirl and converge, Lola is forced to decide if she will surrender herself to the conspirings of one very contemporary cult.

A smart, sharp and hugely entertaining tale of luck and love, Cult Classic asks: is it possible to have a happy ending in an age when the past is ever at your fingertips and sanity is for sale?

The Review

Sadly, Cult Classics was a DNF for me.

I’ve never read anything by Sloane Crosley before so I was going in a little bit blind to her writing but I found myself unable to connect with our main character Lola and at times I felt dizzy due to the swift changes in topics or scenes. For me it felt like there was no clear segue or signpost for the changes. We would be talking about Clive then Amos then Boots and I just couldn’t keep up.

Cult Classics by Sloan Crosley is available now.

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