Review: Not Safe For Work by Isabel Kaplan

Title: Not Safe for Work

Author: Isabel Kaplan

Pages: 272 Pages

Publisher: Michael Joseph

The Blurb

You are a young, ambitious, college-educated feminist. And you’ve just landed a job in television.

To climb the ranks, you do whatever it takes:

– Pull all-nighters

– Lean on your powerful mother’s contacts

– Stay in shape at cult-like fitness classes

– Secretly wear your boss’s fitbit to improve his step count – and his temper

You know the rules of this world. When someone senior tells you how pretty you look, you smile and thank him – and make a mental note never to wear that dress alone with him again.

When rumours of an assault start to circle the office, and your close friend confesses her own disturbing experience, you know there is plenty to gain from staying silent.

And all too much to lose through speaking out.

Besides, you know your boss is one of the good guys . . . don’t you?

The Review

I don’t really know how I feel about Not Safe For Work. On the one hand it is an exposing novel about the struggle of millennials and about how it is difficult for them to find their footing in the workplace – putting in ridiculous hours for the tiniest crumb of possible promotion. On the other hand it is about the patriarchal nature of the workplace and how men in positions of power use it to their advantage and see it as cache to do what they want to who they want. On another hand (yes I know I am up to three hands) it is a novel about a toxic relationship between mother and daughter. The problem for me is that at times I don’t really feel that these three threads connected on the page.

Initially, the story was a slow burner but from halfway things started to pick up but still not much really happens. Not Safe For Work is definitely a character driven novel rather than plot driven but even then the characters were slightly problematic for me.

I genuinely don’t really know what I am meant to be feeling which is disheartening when Not Safe For Work seems to have had such great reviews. Maybe it is a case of right book/wrong time.

Not Safe For Work by Isabel Kaplan is available now.

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