Review: Call Me, Maybe by Stephie Chapman

Title: Call Me, Maybe

Author: Stephie Chapman

Pages: 388 Pages

Publisher: Hera Books

The Blurb

What if you got a second chance with your first love? What happens when you meet your teenage heart-throb – when you’re both all grown up?

When Cassie was fifteen, all she wanted was to marry Jesse Franklin, the bassist from her favourite band, Franko. Now she’s single, in her late twenties and wondering what happened to that teenage dream. A chance encounter on Facebook soon leads to a transatlantic hook up, and soon, Jesse and Cassie are having a long-distance love affair spanning five thousand miles. Cassie is on cloud nine – until she hears something that makes her think that Jesse might not be all that he seems.

They say never meet your heroes – but what happens when you fall in love with them…? Are Cassie and Jesse star crossed lovers, destined to be together? Or should Cassie have left her crush in the box marked ‘teenage memories’?

Previously published as Getting Over Jesse Franklin, this brand new edition has had extensive editorial changes.

The Review

Okay, so Call Me, Maybe by Stephie Chapman is literally my 20-something dream of how I wanted my life to turn out…kind of.

Call Me, Maybe is the story of Cassie and how she loved a band so much when she was younger and how with the wonders of modern technology she was able to befriend the band member she loved years later and start a relationship with him. Okay. My summary actually sounds pretty creepy but Call Me, Maybe was not. It was a bit predictable at times but there was a comfort in that. Knowing that with any relationship there is going to be bumps in the road and dramas lurking around every corner.

I really, really enjoyed Call Me, Maybe. IT was easy, fun and lighthearted. I really wish that it had happened to me and Matt from Busted and I don’t care who knows it.

Call Me, Maybe by Stephie Chapman is available now.

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