Review: One Day I’ll Tell You Everything by Emmanuelle Pagano

Title: One Day I’ll Tell You Everything

Author: Emmanuelle Pagano

Pages: 256 Pages

Publisher: Text Publishing

The Blurb 

After ten years away, Adèle has returned to drive the school bus in the village in the Ardèche mountains where she grew up. Her body has undergone seismic transformations, just like the landscape around her. No one recognises her. But when a snowstorm strands the bus on a mountainside, Adèle and her passengers take shelter in a cave, and the secrets begin to emerge.

One Day I’ll Tell You Everything is the haunting story of two siblings—a younger brother and his older sister, who used to be his brother.

Translated by Penny Hueston

The Review

One Day I’ll Tell You Everything is a curious little story about a trans woman called Adele and how she tries to keep the details of her transition secret in the small mountainous town that she lives in.

With a quick sum up of the story you can understand why I was curious to read it. I was sold on the premise but the delivery was all a bit wonky for me. The main action of the book took place in the final 20% of the book. Whereas if the author had spaced it out and flashed backwards and forwards throughout then the tension of the story would have built more evenly rather than slow slow slow slow slow fast fast the end. 

I did like how the author used the metaphor of being trapped as similar to Adele’s situation. That was cleverly done. However, the overall power of the book was lost because of the strange pacing.

One Day I’ll Tell You Everything by Emmanuelle Pagano is available 24th September 2020.

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