Review: Super Chill by Adam Ellis

Title: Super Chill – A Year of Living Anxiously

Author: Adam Ellis

Pages: 120 Pages

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

The Blurb

From former Buzzfeed illustrator Adam Ellis comes a collection of autobiographical comics that follows a year in the artist’s life.

Adam’s comics deal with weightier topics like seasonal affective disorder and struggles with self-esteem, while also touching on the silly and absurd—like his brief, but intense obsession with crystals. With a bright, positive outlook and a sense of humor, Super Chill tells a story that is both highly relatable and intensely personal.

The Review

Anxiety is such a personal thing. It is getting more and more media attention but there is still a lot of stigma surrounding the subject. Adam Ellis’ book Super Chill shows how anxiety affects him. What is brilliant about this small collection of cartons is that it helps you see visual representations of how anxiety and mental health and alls you to not only empathise with a personas situation but make you realise how you really aren’t alone in feeling the way you feel.

Ellis presents his anxiety in many ways. Sometimes it is all consuming and other times he focuses on how ridiculous it is. Overall, Super Chill is a sweet book that reminds us all that we are not alone.

Super Chill – A Year of Living Anxiously by Adam Ellis is available now.

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