Review: Vox by Christina Dalcher

Title: Vox

Author: Christina Dalcher

Pages: 400 Pages

Publisher: HQ

The Blurb

Silence can be deafening.

Jean McClellan spends her time in almost complete silence, limited to just one hundred words a day. Any more, and a thousand volts of electricity will course through her veins.

Now the new government is in power, everything has changed. But only if you’re a woman.

Almost overnight, bank accounts are frozen, passports are taken away and seventy million women lose their jobs. Even more terrifyingly, young girls are no longer taught to read or write.

For herself, her daughter, and for every woman silenced, Jean will reclaim her voice. This is only the beginning…



The Review

There is one topic that comes in books that I have a physical reaction to. It is a topic that makes my chest tighten and can often lead me to getting a headache out of anger. That topic is the repression of women.

When I read Vox by Christina Dalcher I had this very visceral reaction.

It is a world where women are only allowed to speak 100 words a day otherwise they experience intense pain. What made this book all the more scary is that I can see the potential in this repression happening in modern society.

Vox is a fascinating story and one that you should read if you enjoyed The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Vox by Christina Dalcher is available now.

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