Review: The Recovery of Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

Title: The Recovery of Rose Gold

Author: Stephanie Wrobel

Pages: 320 Pages

Publisher: Penguin Books UK

The Blurb

Rose Gold Watts believed she was sick for eighteen years.

She thought she needed the feeding tube, the surgeries, the wheelchair . . .

Turns out her mother is a really good liar.

After five years in prison, Patty Watts is finally free. All she wants is to put old grievances behind her, reconcile with the daughter who testified against her – and care for her new infant grandson.

When Rose Gold agrees to have Patty move in, it seems their relationship is truly on the mend. And she has waited such a long time for her mother to come home.

But is she still the pliable young girl she once was? And is Patty still as keen on settling an old score?

Because if mothers never forget then daughters never forgive.

A chilling tale of obsession, reconciliation and revenge from an incredible new talent.

The Review

Oh wow. I haven’t devoured a book as quickly as I did The Recovery of Rose Gold in a long, long time. I was both intrigued and totally creeped out by this shocking tale of obsession and familial love and hate.

Rose Gold and her mother Patty have a deeply dysfunctional relationship in which Patty has convinced Rose Gold that she is sick and has so many things wrong with her that she has actually caused lasting damage. Not only did Patty convince Rose Gold but she convinced their neighbours and medical professionals. Until one day the lie is revealed and Patty is sent to prison because of Rose Gold’s testament in court.

As you read this story which is told from both Patty and Rose Gold’s perspective you find yourself oscillating between horrified, sympathy and then disgust so frequently that your head begins to spin and you don’t know who or what to believe or to side with.

I can honestly say that The Recovery of Rose Gold really made me uncomfortable in the best possible way. Stephanie Wrobel is a fascinating new voice and I am eager to see what she does next.

The Recovery of Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel is available now.

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