Review: Truth to Power by Jess Phillips

Title: Truth to Power – 7 Ways to Call Time on B.S.

Author: Jess Phillips

Pages: 224 Pages

Publisher: Monoray

The Blurb


At a time when many of us feel the world isn’t listening, Jess Phillips offers inspiration to those of us who want to speak out and make a difference.

No stranger to speaking truth to power herself, she will help you dig deep and get organised, finding the courage and the tools you need to take action.

As well as bringing us hope through her own experiences Jess talks to the accidental heroes who have been brave enough to risk everything, become whistle-blowers and successfully fight back.

These inspiring people, often living everyday lives, who then found themselves at the centre of the storm and spoke truth to power include:
Zelda Perkins, the personal assistant who first called-out Harvey Weinstein;
Paul Caruana Galizia, son of murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia;
Tom Watson the British MP who successfully took on the Murdoch press empire and won;
Sara Rowbotham, the sexual-health worker who uncovered the abuse of young girls by gangs of Asian men in Rochdale – and the subsequent cover-up by the authorities;
Natasha Elcock, resident of Grenfell Tower and chair of Grenfell United, the pressure group set up by families after the disaster;
Cara Sanquest from the campaign to legalise women’s right to choose abortion in Ireland.

Entertaining, empowering and uncompromising, TRUTH TO POWER is the book we all need to help us call time on the seemingly unstoppable tide of bullshit in our lives.


The Review

I really like Jess Phillips. She is ballsy, outspoken but more than anything she is all about equality. I need a lot to respect a politician because in my opinion the majority of them are corrupt and I have disliked our current government because of its disregard for the working classes.

What I loved about this book and indeed what I love about Jess Phillips she will call people on their wrong doings like then our current Prime Minister prorogued Parliament. Jess Phillips showed up because the people of her constituency needed her to. You get the feeling that she genuinely cares about the people and I am gutted that she is no longer running for the leader of the Labour Party.

This book is brilliant. For something that is relatively small it packs a massive punch. It makes you feel like you can make a difference. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. With her book, Jess Phillips makes you believe you can.

Truth to Power – 7 Ways to Call Time on B.S. by Jess Phillips is available now.

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