Review: I Was Britpopped by Jenny Natasha and Tom Boniface-Webb

Title: I Was Britpopped – The A-Z of Britpop

Author: Jenny Natasha and Tom Boniface-Webb

Pages: 416 Pages

Publisher: Valley Press

The Blurb

Britpop: it’s the only term that can accurately encompass the bright, bold sound and attitude that burst from the United Kingdom in the ’90s. Beginning with the release of Blur’s single ‘Popscene’ in 1992, peaking with Oasis’ triumphant outdoor live shows at Knebworth in 1996 and closing with Pulp’s come-down albu’ This is Hardcore in 1998, this alternative rock subgenre grew to be one of Britain’s most impactful musical movements of the modern era. Here, in more than 500 light-hearted but meticulously researched entries, musicians and fans Jenny Natasha and Tom Boniface-Webb pay tribute to a brief but pivotal moment in musical history; turning the spotlight on key players like Liam Gallagher, Brett Anderson, Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn as well as unsung heroes who fought under the red, white and blue banner in the Britpop revolution.


The Review

For any of us alive during the Britpop glory days – and indeed those who came after and appreciate the music retrospectively – you cannot help but be moved when an absolute anthem comes on the radio nowadays. When the opening bars of an Oasis classic comes on or the sardonic tone of Jarvis Cockers voice plays out loud that you get sent into a musical frenzy.

I Was Britpopped is the ‘go-to’ guide for anything related to that era. It is a comprehensive encyclopaedia of musical knowledge but unlike your regular encyclopaedias you get the sense that Jenny Natasha and Tom Boniface-Webb have a passion for this era and therefore have handled each entry with love and care.

Definitely a must have for the music lover in your life.

I Was Britpopped: The A-Z of Britpop by Jenny Natasha by Tom Boniface Webb is available now.

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