Review: The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly

Title: The Bullet

Author: Mary Louise Kelly

Pages: 368 Pages

Publisher: Gallery Books

The Blurb

Two words: The bullet.

That’s all it takes to shatter her life.

Caroline Cashion is beautiful, intelligent, a professor of French literature. But in a split second, everything she’s known is proved to be a lie.

A single bullet, gracefully tapered at one end, is found lodged at the base of her skull. Caroline is stunned. It makes no sense: she has never been shot. She has no entry wound. No scar. Then, over the course of one awful evening, she learns the truth: that she was adopted when she was three years old, after her real parents were murdered. Caroline was there the night they were attacked. She was wounded too, a gunshot to the neck. Surgeons had stitched up the traumatized little girl, with the bullet still there, nestled deep among vital nerves and blood vessels.

That was thirty-four years ago.

Now, Caroline has to find the truth of her past. Why were her parents killed? Why is she still alive? She returns to her hometown where she meets a cop who lets slip that the bullet in her neck is the same bullet that killed her mother. Full-metal jacket, .38 Special. It hit Caroline’s mother and kept going, hurtling through the mother’s chest and into the child hiding behind her.

She is horrified—and in danger. When a gun is fired it leaves markings on the bullet. Tiny grooves, almost as unique as a fingerprint. The bullet in her neck could finger a murderer. A frantic race is set in motion: Can Caroline unravel the clues to her past, before the killer tracks her down?

The Review

The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly is a fast-paced, twisty-turny thriller that has you guessing until the very last moment.

Caroline Cashion has just found out a massive secret; one that will irrevocably change her life. But with this secret comes a feeling of responsibility, a feeling of aching sadness, and a need for justice. And all it took was one little bullet.

Mary Louise Kelly has created a very likeable protagonist in Caroline Cashion. Even though she is dealing with some very heavy and life altering issues she doesn’t come across as whiny or over dramatic which is certainly a way she could have been written, however, you find yourself rooting for the justice that Caroline seeks.

The Bullet is an enjoyable read. Personally, for me, the ending became a little farcical but saying that I am not too sure where else Kelly could have taken the narrative.

Overall it is a well researched, well written and deeply enjoyable story.

The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly is available now.

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