Review: Teachers by Bored Teachers

Title: Teachers – There Is No Such Thing as Hot Coffee and Other Teacher Truths

Author: Bored Teachers

Pages: 128 Pages

Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group

The Blurb

Is it Friday yet? Go behind the desk with this insider’s look at a year in the life of an everyday educator. Written for teachers by teachers, this hilarious snapshot into the lives of the overworked and underpaid will have you laughing so loud, you’ll worry it might get confiscated. Hear! The same question be asked over and over again. Feel! The strange allure of the laminator! See! Paper Mountain as it grows before your bloodshot eyes! Not only great for teachers, but people close to educators will also recognize many of the stories and stresses found here. Teachers is full of administrative frustration, madcap humour; and also heartfelt love for the most underappreciated profession of them all.

This hilarious romp through the weeds of the people that educate our children is the perfect gift for that special someone who manages (tries to manage) 30+ children 5 days a week.

The Review

I am not a teacher and I can honestly say I have never wanted to be one. However, I do work in a school and I see the daily workings of the staff – how hard teachers work, their daily grind and how often their hard work is overlooked by senior staff.

Teachers celebrates all the wonderful things that a teacher does; all the trials and tribulations of the job. Whilst this book focuses more on American schools, all of the things mentioned are relatable to those who work in education.

This is a brilliant stocking filler of a book for all those hard working, underpaid, and under-appreciated teachers that you have in your life.

Teachers – There Is No Such Thing as Hot Coffee and Other Teacher Truths by Bored Teachers is available now.

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