Review: If Only I Could Tell You by Hannah Beckerman

Title: If Only I Could Tell You

Author: Hannah Beckerman

Pages: 368 Pages

Publisher: Orion Publishing

The Blurb

Audrey’s family has fallen apart. Her two grown-up daughters, Jess and Lily, are estranged, and her two teenage granddaughters have never been allowed to meet. A secret that echoes back thirty years has splintered the family in two, but is also the one thing keeping them connected.

As tensions reach breaking point, the irrevocable choice that one of them made all those years ago is about to surface. After years of secrets and silence, how can one broken family find their way back to each other?

The Review

Hannah Beckerman has made me ugly cry.

If Only I Could Tell You is a story how one family deals with grief. Audrey’s two daughters have spent 30 years not talking to each other and Audrey has had enough. She is desperate to bridge the gap between her children before it is too late.

Told from multi-perspective and from various different time frames you really do find yourself immersed in the world that Beckerman has woven. She is very good at pulling the rug from under your feet. Things you thought to be true aren’t. You empathise with characters that you don’t necessarily feel that you should. Most of all you feel Audrey’s sense of frustration and the ever pressing notion that time is ticking away.

Hannah Beckerman has done something that I think only a few writers do really well and that is take a really contentious topic and make you see every side of the argument until you cannot decide with whom you should side with. For me, that is a sign of a great writer and an excellent story.

If Only I Could Tell You by Hannah Beckerman is available now.

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