Review: Tilly and the Book Wanderers by Anna James

Title: Tilly and the Book Wanderers

Author: Anna James

Pages: 400 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Book

The Blurb

Since her mother’s disappearance, eleven-year-old Tilly has found comfort in stories at Pages & Co., her grandparents’ bookshop. But when her favourite characters, Anne of Green Gables and Alice from Wonderland, appear in the shop, Tilly’s adventures become very real. Not only can she follow Anne and Alice into their thrilling worlds, she discovers she can bookwander into any story she chooses.

Tilly’s new ability could even help her solve the mystery of what happened to her mother all those years ago. But danger may be lurking on the very next page…


The Review

Every once in a while a book will come along that makes you reminds you just why you fell in love with reading. Tilly and the Book Wanderers is that book for me.

It is the story of Tilly, a young girl who lives with her grandparents. Her mother disappeared when she was a small child and she never met her father but growing up with in her grandparents care and indeed in their book shop has been a pretty wonderful experience.

However, when a strange visitor comes to the shop a whole new world opened up to Tilly. One that is almost unbelievable but by golly it is fabulous.

Anna James truly brings new meaning to the term getting lost in a book. The adventures that Tilly goes on have made me jealous. Had I encountered this sort of magic when I was a young girl I would have been even more enchanted than I am as a 35 year old.

Tilly and the Book Wanderers is such a special book that I am keeping my copy for when my niece is a bit older. I want her to feel the magic of such special story telling.

Tilly and the Book Wanderers by Anna James is available now.

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