November Monthly Round Up

Hello folks,

It is that time of the month again (no not that time) when I tell you what I read this month. To be honest, November has not been kind to me book-wise. I fell into a bit of a reading slump. I have only read a few books which is not like me at all. It has picked up towards the end of the month but something knocked the wind out of my sails and I really struggled to gain momentum again.

Anywho, here is what I read:

  • The Nightmare Stone by Finian Black (eBook)
  • Look at Me by Sarah Deguid (NetGalley)
  • The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson (Audiobook)
  • Make Trouble by John Waters (Hardback)
  • The Crimes of Grindlewald by JK Rowling (Hardback)
  • A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett (Hardback)
  • JK Rowling’s Wizarding World: Movie Magic Volume One – Extraordinary People and Fascinating Places by Jody Revenson (Hardback)
  • JK Rowling’s Wizarding World: Movie Magic Volume Two – Curious Creatures by Ramin Zahed (Hardback)
  • A Gift From the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson (NetGalley)
  • JK Rowling’s Wizarding World: Movie Magic Volume Three – Amazing Artefacts by Bonnie Burton (Hardback)
  • One Perfect Christmas and Other Stories by Paige Toon (Paperback)

So yeah. Eleven books man. Feel like I have let myself down. Ah well.

I am currently reading about five books (I think I now see my problem – oversubscription). They are:

  • Paper Avalanche by Lisa Williamson
  • The Librarian by Sally Vickers
  • The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo
  • Tilly and the Bookwanderers by Anna James
  • Charlie and Me: 421 Miles From Home by Mark Lowry

Hopefully, December will be a kinder month and I can get a lot more read.

Hope you are all well.

Lis x

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