Review: Diary of a Beatlemaniac by Patricial Gallo Stenman

Title: Diary of a Beatlemaniac – A Fab Insider’s Look at the Beatles Era

Author: Patricia Gallo Stenman

Pages: 202 Pages

Publisher: Cynren Press

The Blurb

Driven by the frenzy of fan clubs, Beatles concerts, and endless dreams and meeting schemes, Diary of a Beatlemaniac: A Fab Insider’s Look at the Beatles Era romps through the heady, roller-coaster days of Beatlemania as seen through the eyes of one Philadelphia schoolgirl and her band of “Beatle Buddies.” Compiled from the author’s own diary and extensive scrap-booking, and featuring a wealth of original photographs and exclusive interviews with Victor Spinetti and Hy Lit, this extraordinary slice of life peeks into the heart of an inner-city teen at the forefront of Beatlemania. For Beatlemaniacs of any age, this memoir offers a unique glimpse into the groovy days of the Swingin’ Sixties and the chance to relive the magic of the pop-culture phenomenon called the Beatles.

The Review

As those of you who have read my reviews before may know, I am always drawn to books about The Beatles. Call it a bit o home town glory but being from Liverpool it is hard to escape what The Beatles did for Liverpool and what their legacy still does. So bank holiday weekend in August – also known as The Beatles Festival in Liverpool – I sat and read Diary of a Beatlemaniac by Patricia Gallo Stenman.

Now, I have read a lot about The Beatle but I can honestly say that I have never read anything from an actual fan of the band. This was really refreshing. Patricia Gallo Stenman has kept memorabilia from her days as a fan of the Fab Four. More than that, she kept her teenage diaries where in her naivety she expressed her love for the band.

Naive and innocent. That is the best way to describe this book. It is the teenage dreams of a young girl who is desperate to meet and marry her favourite Beatle. We have all been there. Whilst Gallo Stenman’s story takes place in the 60s, my mum went through the same thing in the 70s, my older sister in the 90s and myself in the early 00s. And thank god we do. It is a rite of passage that all teenagers must go through at some point and I wish I had diaries reminding me of those feelings that I felt.

With a sense of nostalgia, I finished reading Diary of a Beatlemaniac and it made me thankful that the world has given us such great music.

Diary of a Beatlemaniac – A Fab Insider’s Look at the Beatles Era by Patricia Gallo Stenman is available now.

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