Review: Derby Shorts by Jane Bradley

Title: Derby Shorts

Author: Jane Bradley (Ed.)

Pages: 159 Pages

Publisher: Group Of

The Blurb

Presented by For Books’ Sake in collaboration with the London Rollergirls, Derby Shorts is a bold and brilliant anthology of the best new fiction from the roller derby track.

The ground-breaking collection is the first of its kind, and within its pages, you’ll find short stories of inter-team love, lust, rivalry and rebellion, rollerblading assassins in punk-apocalyptic London, brats and ballerinas turned derby superstars, and much much more.

Featuring emerging and established authors from across the UK, Europe, America and beyond (including roller derby players, referees and fanatics from all over the world), the stories in Derby Shorts rand from the bittersweet and beautiful to the brutal and bizarre, but keep one thing in common; their obsession with a sport and subculture far too fierce, fearless and exciting to stay underground.


The Review

As a child, every Saturday my mum took me and my big sister to a sports centre that hosted a roller disco. It lasted about an hour and a half and played 80s tracks that were in heavy rotation – if memory serves, my favourite one to skate to was Cocoon by Timerider most famous for being the theme tune to Hit Man and Her. Skating reminds me of freedom, of the feeling that I could fly and since then I have wanted to be a member of a Roller Derby team. Alas, I bruise like a peach so I don’t think it is the sport for me but if I was going to be a member of any sporting team it would be, without a shadow of a doubt, a Roller Girl.

It is probably this weird fascination with a sport I cannot play that led me to buying Derby Shorts. It is a quirky collection of stories that all have one thing in common. At the core of each story is a celebration of roller skating.

I read a lot of books of short stories and you usually get a small handful of ones you enjoy next to a bunch of fillers. I genuinely didn’t feel that way about this collection. Every story is enjoyable. The genres range from historical fiction to crime to sci-fi. No one has interpreted the spirit of the sport in the same way. It truly is wonderful.

Derby Shorts by Jane Bradley is available now.

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