Review: Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield

Title: Until We Collide

Author: Charlotte Fallowfield

Pages: 194 Pages

Publisher: Charlotte Fallowfield

The Blurb

What do you do when the guy you’re in love with is seeing someone else?

That’s the dilemma facing Paige Taylor. All of her life she’s only ever had eyes for the gorgeous Alec Wright, but despite their undeniable chemistry, their timing has always been off. Fast approaching her thirtieth birthday, Paige despairs of ever finding love and a happy ever after. Her best friend Poppie tells her that she can either watch life pass her by, or grab it with both hands. She convinces Paige to throw herself back into the dating pool, or she could be waiting for Alec forever.

What Paige didn’t expect was the catalogue of dating disasters to follow. A neck brace, jelly fish, stitches, flashing and an encounter with a gorilla were some of the most memorable. Despite some downright hilarious, humiliating and cringe worthy dates, her biological clock is ticking and Paige is determined to keep trying until she finds the one. Was Alec Wright always her Mr. Right, or is he still out there waiting to be found?

Join Paige in her quest to find the ultimate prize. Love.


The Review

I normally don’t like bellyaches but when they come from laughing too hard I can kind of get over it. That is exactly what I had to do when I read Charlotte Fallowfield’s Until we Collide. It was damn funny.

Until We Collide is the story of Paige. Paige is in love with Alec but when her plans to make him fancy her leave her spritzed in cow poo we can see she isn’t making the most traditional best impression.

We see a series of wacky misadventures coupled with Paige’s verbal diarrhoea and you cannot help but laugh out loud. Paige is a modern day Bridget Jones.

What is quite remarkable is that Fallowfield took a risk with the character of Paige. Running parallel to all of her mishaps is the fact that she comes of age and blossoms. She ends up with a job as an international supermodel. Now, for the average girl (me) that could be kind of hard to connect with. For some, this would be an instant book closer but Fallowfield has made Paige to be wonderfully normal and also rather tangible in her clumsiness.

Until We Collide is a brilliant Sliding Doors comedy that will have you grabbing your sides with laughter.

Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield is available now.

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