Review: It Was Acceptable in the 80s by RJ White

Title: It Was Acceptable in the 80s and a Smidge in the 90s

Author: RJ White

Pages: 88 Pages

Publisher: Sunderland in Pictures.

The Blurb

Take a journey down memory lane with this 52 page picture e-book which has photographs from the 80′s that’ll take you back down memory lane. The pictures inside the e-book cover the shops before the bridges, pubs, Crowtree Leisure Centre & more.


The Review

Ok, I admit, I didn’t read the blurb properly. I thought I was reading a book about the 80s. I was but it was the 80s specifically in Sunderland. I’ve never been to Sunderland. Therefore, this book really wasn’t for me. For those who lived in Sunderland during the 80s (and a smidge of the 90s) then they will probably find this book quite titillating. The lesson to be learned here is always read the blurb.

 It Was Acceptable in the 80s and a Smidge in the 90s by RJ White

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