Review: Do Ants Have Arseholes? by Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent

Title: Do Ants Have Arseholes?…and other bloody ridiculous questions

Author: Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent

Pages: 183 Pages

Publisher: Sphere

The Blurb

How easy is it to fall off a log? Where is the middle of nowhere? Do we really have no bananas?

The readers of OLD GIT magazine are a batty, befuddled, potty-mouthed bunch, who seem to spend a significant chunk of their spare time corresponding with the publication’s popular letters page. DO ANTS HAVE ARSEHOLES? is a very funny, very silly collection of questions and answers taken from this column, none of which has any basis whatsoever in fact.

A must for all those who relish a heady mixture of shaggy-dog stories, toilet humour and utter lack of insight.


The Review

When I saw the title of this book – Do Ants Have Arseholes? – I genuinely found myself curious to know the answer. Do they? Surely they do. And that was the reason why I picked up this copy at my local charity shop.

What kept me reading Do Ants Have Arseholes? was the fact that the book is chock full of whimsy and silliness and I do love the silliness. As you get further and further into the book the questions become sillier and the answers to the silly questions become all the more ludicrous. It is very entertaining.

For anyone who likes a dollop of daftness to their day then I fully recommend Do Ants Have Arseholes? It is guaranteed to make you smile.

Do Ants Have Arseholes?…and other bloody ridiculous questions by Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent is available now.


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