Review: Hell on Wheels by Karen Mueller Bryson

Title: Hell on Wheels – The Incredible Story if “Rookie Roller Derby Queen” Cindy McCoy

Author: Karen Mueller Bryson

Pages: 115 Pages

Publisher: CreateSpace

The Blurb

This captivating biography reveals the details of sports legend, Cindy McCoy’s inspirational life story. Cindy escaped a difficult youth, in which she faced abuse and abandonment, by becoming a professional skater as a teen and travelling on an international roller derby team. Fans in Australia became like a surrogate family to young Cindy and she was soon voted Roller Game Rookie of the Year and Roller Game Queen of the Year, an honour that was never repeated. This moving narrative, about a young woman, who gave everything she had to the sport she loved, will appeal to fans of roller derby as well as readers of all ages just learning about this fascinating sport.


The Review

Hell on Wheels is the true account of the life of Cindy McCoy – a legend in the world of Roller Derby.

McCoy’s relatively short career in the Roller Derby was awash with travel, injury and personal sadness and in this short book we look back on her amazing journey and her achievements and we see how the Roller Derby has become a cult sport with a growing number of followers.

Hell on Wheels gives a good insight into one of the sports stars and leaves you wondering why Roller Derby is not prime entertainment.

Hell on Wheels – The Incredible Story of “Rookie Roller Derby Queen” Cindy McCoy by Karen Mueller Bryson is available now.

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