Review: Your Eighties by Sarah Lewis

Title: Your Eighties

Author: Sarah Lewis

Pages: 104 Pages

Publisher: Fabrian Books

The Blurb

Your Eighties continues the exploration of the decade of extremes, with an array of recollections and observations shared by some of the era’s biggest fans. Humorous, poignant and entertaining anecdotes, along with a generous helping of celebrity interviews, provide the perfect combination of insight and nostalgia, guaranteed to have you delving into your old vinyl collection.

Including interviews with Buster Bloodvessel, Ranking Roger, Martin Fry, Steve Blacknell, Grange Hill’s Erkan Mustafa, Musical Youth and The Kane Gang, Your Eighties offers a behind-the-scenes view of the Eighties, and its continuing popularity with a generation of forty-somethings and beyond.


The Review

I love the 80s. Sadly, I cannot really claim child of the 80s status as I was born in 1983 therefore I didn’t really appreciate the decade when it was happening but in retrospect I know that the decade had (and still has) a massive influence on me.

Your Eighties is a look back on this fabulous decade through the eyes of writer Sarah Lewis and through they eyes of musicians and actors of that period. It is interesting reading about people’s experiences of the 80s and how they remember it with such warmth.

One thing that I really didn’t enjoy was that some of the musicians contradicted themselves – either through lack of knowledge or just plain cattiness, I’m not sure – in particular when discussing modern music and how it is churned out on a conveyor belt. They cited pop group McBusted – an amalgamation of Busted and McFly. Had they thought before they had spoken then they would have been able to research that both McFly and Busted have played their own instruments since they were formed and that they have always written their own songs and some members have gone on to be sought after producers of world famous artists. I will admit that this snide comment did colour my enjoyment of the rest of the book. It iis one thing to have an opinion about liking someone’s music – we can’t like all the same things – but it is another to make an un-researched derivative comment as fact.

Your Eighties by Sarah Lewis is available now.

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