Review: A Berlin Love Song by Sarah Matthias

Title: A Berlin Love Song

Author: Sarah Matthias

Pages: 426 Pages

Publisher: Troika Books

The Blurb

Max is 17, a German schoolboy, when he meets Lili, a trapeze artist from a travelling circus that performs every year in Berlin. Lili is from a Romani gypsy family whose life and customs are very different from those of Max and his family. Their friendship turns into love – but love between a member of the Hitler youth and a gypsy is forbidden. As events tear them apart can their love survive? Set against the backdrop of the Second World War, A Berlin Love Song is a love story of passion, unexpected friendship, despair, loss and hope. It exposes the extermination of the Roma and Sinti referred by Angela Merkel as the forgotten holocaust.


The Review

Whenever I read a book that is set during the holocaust I initially forget just how breathtakingly horrific it was. As I read on, I am reminded of the atrocities and the lack of humanity and then I am saddened that mass genocide still happens today.

A Berlin Love Song by Sarah Matthias is an important book. Besides being beautifully written and besides telling a romantic love story it also tells the story of what is known as the forgotten holocaust; a time when it wasn’t only Jewish people who were persecuted but people who were gay, had dwarfism or who were travellers.

A Berlin Love Song tells the story of Max and Lili – two people who should not be together but have fallen in love in difficult circumstances. The message being that love transcends race, time and distance.

I have nothing but praise for this fabulous story. A Berlin Love Song deserves to be read just like the story of how the travelling community were persecuted during World War Two needs to be known.

A Berlin Love Song by Sarah Matthias is available now.

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