Review: 84 Ribbons by Paddy Eger

Title: 84 Ribbons

Author: Paddy Eger

Pages: 346 Pages

Publisher: IBPA

The Blurb

Eger takes us into the world of dancer, Marta Selbryth, a small town girl from Bremerton, Washington with a life long desire to perform as a professional ballerina. Eger’s passion for the subject, captures this deep desire found in many young dancers but does not overstate the character’s sacrifices and successes.

The Review

I wish I could be more positive about 84 Ribbons. I really wanted to like it. To begin with I thought it was going to be a mixture of some of my favourite dance movies – Centre Stage and Save the Last Dance – and to some extent it was but I could not warm to our protagonist Marta Selbryth. Rather than feeling sorry for her when things went wrong in her life I found myself getting more and more frustrated with how she responded. She came across as petulant and whiny. I felt sorry for her boyfriend and best friend who had to put up with her outbursts.

84 Ribbons had promise but needed a more likeable protagonist to really have made an impact.

84 Ribbons by Paddy Eger is available now.

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