Review: The Girl with More than One Heart by Laura Geringer Bass

The Girl with More than One HeartTitle: The Girl with More than One Heart

Author: Laura Geringer Bass

Pages: 288 Pages

Publisher: Abrams Kids

The Blurb

When Briana’s father dies of a heart attack, she feels a new heart grow inside her. Through this heart, her father’s voice guides her through her grief and helps her navigate her new, not-so-normal life at home.

When her mother’s own grief becomes overpowering, Briana feels like she’s responsible for her autistic little brother, Aaron. Spending much of her time and energy caring for Aaron, she wonders: Did his special needs hurt her father’s very fragile heart? The voice of Briana’s “new heart” helps her to cope with the messy uncertainties, as she balances her first feelings of romance, making new friends, and following her dream of writing for the school newspaper. And as Briana finds strength and knowledge in herself, she’s finally able to let go of her new heart and rely solely on her own.

The Review

So many YA books have been based on grief recently. There has been a trend of grief among peers; people who are sick losing friends who have helped them through their illness. Yet I haven’t come across one about the loss of a parent.

This is the subject of the The Girl with More than One Heart by Laura Geringer Bass. Bass uses her own real life experiences of losing her dad, albeit as an adult, as she transfers that grief into an intense feeling shared by a child.

The story focuses on Briana who is dealing with the death of her father. She is a burgeoning teenager with a brother who is on the autistic spectrum and who, rightfully so, is quite demanding of time due to his needs. When she loses her father she also loses her mother too. Her mother is awash with grief and cannot come to terms with her husband’s death making Briana grow up faster than she should have to.

Laura Geringer Bass deals with the subject of loss so well it made a painful topic easier to read about. This is definitely a book you want to use to show understanding and empathy towards others.

A great MG-YA read.

The Girl with More than One Heart by Laura Geringer Bass is available now.

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4 Stars

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