Review: First Date: Love and Regrets by Vanessa Wester

Title: First Date: Love and Regrets

Author: Vanessa Wester

Pages: 131 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

In FIRST DATE, when Alice gets invited to a ball on Christmas Day she is bowled over. No-one had ever asked her out on a date before, let alone invited her to a ball. However, the bubble bursts too soon. It turns out she is filling in for an ex-girlfriend. Even so, she puts on a brave face and heads for the ball. She can have a good time even if it does not lead to love. A ball is still a ball after…

The Review

First Date is a simple story that is kind of like Ronseal. It does what it says on the tin. It is about a first date. Alice, our protagonist, has never had a date before. She is I higher education and gets invited to the Christmas ball by one of the handsomest lads in her school. Furthermore, he is in a band. Double score. Except it doesn’t go according to plan.

Now, I should have liked this short story more than I did. It had all the makings of a really cute, romantic tale. However, Alice was a whiny protagonist. Her insecurities became insufferable and her transference of these insecurities onto her friends just made her seem like hard work. If she was an actual friend of mine she would be placed in the “High Maintenance” category.

Also, random threads of the story seemed to be thrown in for justification without being fully developed. Over all, it just wasn’t great story telling.

First Date by Vanessa Wester is available now.

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2 Stars

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