Review: Freshers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

cropped-Cartoon-Lisa-1.jpgTitle: Freshers

Author: Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Pages: 368 Pages

Publisher: Chicken House

The Blurb

Phoebe has been waiting all summer for uni to start and her life to finally begin. And knowing Luke Taylor is going to be there too makes the whole thing even more exciting….

But Luke’s relationship is secretly falling apart and campus life isn’t proving to be the escape he thought it would be.

When the two collide in the madness of Freshers’ Week, everything changes – and they both get sucked into each other’s worlds in the most messy, intense and hilarious ways imaginable…

The Review

I’ve been in a reading lull this summer. The books that I have read were good but none of them had me engaged or really rooting for the characters. I was reading for reading’s sake and was not really blown away by any of the books I read.

Then came Freshers.

Freshers is the latest release from Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison. One of their earlier releases, Lobsters, was my favourite book that I read last year and so I was eagerly awaiting Freshers and it did not disappoint.

Freshers is set in York University and centres around our two protagonists Luke and Phoebe. Luke and Phoebe knew each other in high school/sixth form and whilst Luke knew Phoebe as someone who was just there, Phoebe has been butt-monkey in love with Luke since year 9.

Inevitably, their first year of uni sees them intertwine with friendship groups, courses and nights out. But can their bourgeoning friendship last the length of their course?

Now, I loved Freshers. I didn’t have the traditional university experience. I was classed as a mature student even though I was only 22 when I started university. I didn’t move into the halls so I didn’t get that experience and I didn’t do one Freshers’ event at all. I know, my university experience sounds so lame. It wasn’t. I just had a different set of friends who I spent time with and I only went out with my uni friends twice in three years. That night was pretty epic which ended with a hot guy who looked like Jesus getting my details on a napkin but sadly not falling madly in love with me.

What I felt that I got from Freshers by Ivison and Ellen was the university experience that I probably should have had. It is, honestly, one of the funniest books that I have read this year.

Long live the writing partnership of Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison.

Freshers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison is available now.

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5 Stars

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