Review: Goth Girl by Melanie Mosher

Goth GirlTitle: Goth Girl

Author: Melanie Mosher

Pages: 180 Pages

Publisher: Nimbus Publishing

The Blurb

There are only three things fifteen-year-old Victoria Markham truly enjoys: English class, her signature “Goth Girl” look, and art. It’s just that she tends to do the last one late at night, with spray paint, in public places. It isn’t long before Vic is caught red-handed and forced into community service with a bunch of stereotypes: there’s Rachael, the princess; Russell and Peter, a pair of fist-bumping punks; and Zach, the rich jock, who Vic is secretly crushing on. The motley crew has to collaborate to produce a mural for Halifax, but getting it organized is like herding cats.

On top of all that, Vic’s mother’s boyfriend, the only father figure Vic has ever known and the one who taught her to paint, left them both. Vic’s mother is still reeling, her relationship with her daughter strained. She doesn’t understand Vic’s insistence on spiking her hair, piercing her nose and lip, and wearing black clothing and heavy makeup. Vic is convinced her mother doesn’t care enough to find out what’s really behind the get-up.

Tensions run high as Vic tries to figure out who she is: Victoria Markham, or Goth Girl? Sometimes, there’s more to people than meets the eye.

The Review

I often wonder how many different stories that there are to tell. Are there an infinite number of issues, settings, characters to write about? Especially in the fantastic world of YA? How can writers come up with something new to say or a new way to say it?

Well it turns out some writers can.

In Melanie Mosher’s YA fiction Goth Girl we meet Victoria Markham and boy does this girl have issues. She has a mum who she is completely disconnected with, doesn’t know her dad and she has just been busted by the police for graffiti-ing all over a viaduct under her alter ego – Goth Girl.

Faced with a six week course for her crime Victoria meets a rag tag bunch of teenagers in for the same crime as she is. Through her time in Saturday incarceration Victoria discovers that her skills as an artist can be used for good. And whilst she realises that the world isn’t exactly perfect but it is still perfectly acceptable to be yourself while you live in it.

Don’t get me wrong, Goth Girl isn’t the greatest YA fiction but it is an easy and quick read that might just change your day.

Goth Girl by Melanie Mosher is available now.

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3 Stars

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