Review: Life is Like a Parade by L. Henry Smith

Life is Like a ParadeTitle: Life is Like a Parade

Author: L. Henry Smith

Pages: 164 Pages

Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing

The Blurb

After twenty-seven months in the Peace Corps, the droll hero of this amusing tale returns home with one simple thing on his mind – he’s determined to kiss a girl. And not just any girl or any kiss, but an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime first kiss with Mandi, his beautiful next door neighbor. The fun mix of tension, humor, and life lessons in this heartfelt romance will appeal to readers of all ages.

The Review

Life is Like a Parade is not the sort of book that will change your life but it might just change your day. It is a sweet story about first love and about miscommunication. Boy meets girl, they get along but life gets in the way only for it all to come good in the end.

Overall, Life is Like a Parade was a little predictable and at times a little too saccharine but it is harmless good fun.

Life is Like a Parade by L. Henry Smith is available now.

2 Stars


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