Review: I Am Bride by Laura Wilcox

I AM BrideTitle: I AM BRIDE – How to Take the WE out of Wedding (and Other Useful Advice)

Author: Laura Wilcox

Pages: 160 Pages

Publisher: Abrams

The Blurb

The first book from Upright Citizens Brigade comedian Laura Wilcox, I AM BRIDE is a hysterical spoof of all the lavish, ridiculous, and stressful things a bride deals with when planning her BIG DAY.

In this bridal gag gift, Laura Wilcox writes in the voice of an overbearing, outrageous wedding planner, covering all aspects of a wedding – from the moment of engagement (hopefully with the ring you’ve been not so subtly emailing him about for months), all the way through the final minutes of the big day. Accompanied by Jason O’Malley’s humorous illustrations, Wilcox offers tongue-in-cheek advice for every wedding-planning hashtag, planning a gift registry to make everyone jealous of your fabulous lifestyle, or figuring out how to distance yourself from the poor, unfortunate souls who didn’t make the cut for your guest list.

Laura Wilcox’s refreshing take on all things bride will turn tradition on its head, and have you rolling your eyes and reading passages out loud to your engaged (and married) friends. This funny book is a perfect gift for the friend who can’t stop pinning to her dream wedding board, bridezilla-to-be, or any bride who would benefit from a much-needed break from the stress and madness of wedding planning.

The Review

Last year I got engaged. Yay. Now I have to plan a wedding and I am petrified. I don’t know how to plan a wedding so I read I AM BRIDE for help.

Basically, I AM BRIDE is a gorgeous looking book. It is Tiffany Blue with pretty gold writing and I’ll be honest it was just too damn pretty; I didn’t read the blurb so when I started reading the book I was little perturbed. It was almost a guide on how to be a bridezilla and that is not what I want to be. However, I soon realised that I AM BRIDE is very tongue-in-cheek. It even has a guide for the groom!

I AM BRIDE is seriously funny and the illustrations are fantastic. It is the perfect engagement present for your friends an even though it is very jokey it does give you a little bit of advice. I now feel that I have a little bit more comfortable about how to proceed with planning…I think.

I AM BRIDE – How to Take the WE out of Wedding (and Other Useful Advice) by Laura Wilcox is available now.

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35 Stars

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