Review: Hello Me, It’s You by Hannah Todd

hello-me-its-youTitle: Hello Me, It’s You

Author: Hannah Todd

Pages: 112 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

Everyone says being a teenager is CRAZY. But do they mean crazy hard, crazy fun… or just plain bonkers?

Roughly three people in every class have some kind of mental health issue, but most of them have no idea what’s going on. They think they’re just weak, or shy, or bad, or completely, irreversibly, writing-on-the-walls ‘insane’. But they’re not. They have some form of depression, anxiety, eating disorder or other mental health issue and they will come out the other side.

This is a book of advice, from young people who made it through, to their sixteen-year-old selves.

Do you ever feel like the apocalypse is coming, and it wouldn’t be that bad? Like bed is as far as you want to get today? As though your heart is going to beat right out of your chest and your legs have turned to jelly, at the thought of leaving home or talking to another human being? Or maybe you just feel like when you start worrying, you can’t stop.

Whatever form it takes, this book can help you through it.

The Review

Hello Me, It’s You is a collection of letters sent by anonymous writers to their younger selves. The common denominator of these writers is that they have all suffered with various forms of mental health issues. From anxiety to depression to everything in between the letters featured in this book are heartbreaking. The young writers have been through so much and had to deal with issues way beyond comprehension that you cannot help but feel empathy.

However, the overriding feeling from these letters, that bare so much sadness, is that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The letters are so full of hope, resilience and success. This collection is the perfect gift for the people in our lives that we know who suffer from this invisible illness. Mental health issues among teenagers is on the rise and there is a need for positivity for people who are suffering. They need to know that things get better. And that is the message found in Hello Me, It’s You.

Hello Me, It’s You by Hannah Todd is available now.


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