Review: Least Said by Pamela Fudge

least-saidTitle: Least Said

Author: Pamela Fudge

Pages: 182 Pages

Publisher: Endeavour Press

The Blurb

We’re all searching for our happily ever after…

Jon and Wendy are happily married.

Parents to adorable six-year-old Will, life is as sweet as the cakes Wendy bakes for a living.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Jon and Wendy met after both their parents were killed in a coach crash in Scotland.

After they married, all they wanted was a child of their own.

But after experiencing problems conceiving, Jon learns he has a low sperm count and that while not impossible, having a baby might not be on the cards.

Embarrassed and ashamed, Jon convinces Wendy that her weight is the real reason why they can’t conceive.

Soon, their happy marriage is in jeopardy, and when Wendy finds a text on Jon’s phone from a female co-worker promising him a weekend to remember, she is convinced Jon’s having an affair.

Angry and hurt, Wendy ends up in bed with a rugby player, Adonis, at her friend’s wedding.

So when Wendy discovers she is pregnant, she doesn’t know who the father is.

Unsure what to do, when her best friend Tina suggests she keep the issue of paternity secret, Wendy agrees.

Time passes and Wendy’s worries are all but forgotten until one day she runs into Adonis.

When he shows up at Will’s school soon after, Wendy is convinced that he’s stalking her.

The Review

Oh I am in a quandary. Least Said by Pamela Fudge is a good story. There were elements of Least Said that were told really well but there were other parts that kind of annoyed me.

Least Said is the story of Wendy and Jon. They have a perfect marriage and are the proud parents of a perfect little boy. However, behind the picture perfect existence is a secret. The secret being that Will, their son, may not actually have been fathered by Jon but the product of a one night stand. And like all dirty secrets the truth – if revealed – will alter the course of the lives for this family.

So far so good, right? I admit, the premise for this book is really good and the last third of the book is really well written and gripping. However, earlier in the book I found myself getting really frustrated. The details of Wendy’s affair were just banged out at every opportunity. It felt like Fudge laboured the point until it got difficult to feel any sympathy for Wendy. I found myself telling the book “yes, I get it, she had an affair and it could destroy her life. Blah blah blah.”

Maybe it was just me. Maybe I need to have a bit more tolerance but I felt that the point was over emphasised far too much.

Besides this bone of contention, the story is pretty good. Fudge nails the feeling of paranoia from Wendy who is convinced that her past is going to catch up with her mixed with the innocence of a child that is being protected by his parents.

Give Least Said a read and join in the debate.

Least Said by Pamela Fudge is available now.

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